The New Dispenser System

SunCollect was initially using an automated syringe pump for matrix delivery. It allows highest precision even at very low flow rates, necessary for MALDI Spotting and in connection with Nano-HPLC. However, for MALDI Imaging applications, we developed a great new Dispenser System that offers significantly more comfort (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Overview of the newly developed Dispenser System for SunCollect.

The dispenser system is equipped with a PEEK valve that has six inlet ports. It enables the user to spray enzyme and matrix solution directly one after another without any need for manual removal of solutions from liquid pathways. The system is self-cleaning and fully software controlled. The new software is self-explaining and intuitive and enables even higher quality spraying results. For that reason, the spray direction can be rotated 90° every second layer. Furthermore, the software controls the refill of dispenser syringe during the coating process. Automated compression between dispenser and spray nozzle guarantees a constant flow rate and leads to a highly homogeneous coating.

A new slide holder as a standard accessory

The new generation of SunCollect pneumatic sprayers as well as the Dispenser Systems purchased as an upgrade, are delivered with a new generation of glass slide holders. These slide holders have five places suitable for all common ITO standard glass slides and are designed for improved and easy sample handling. The new design allows direct sample coating on these glass slides without any need of further slide fixation (Figure 2).

Figure 2: The newly designed slide holder for SunCollect (on the left) in comparison with the former slide holder (on the right).

For special sized MALDI targets, we are always open to design and produce customized slide holder for all kind of individual targets within the range of the SunCollect’s spray area (13,5 x 18 cm). Please do not hesitate to ask for a special target holder design and contact us at: sales@sunchrom.de