Our Manufacturers

Separation Associates represents manufacturers of high performance analytical instrumentation for the analysis of biological samples by micro and nano HPLC, and LC-MS. These products are of the highest performance available to the analytical chemist and represent state of the art technologies. Separation Associates provides sales and support for our instrument manufacturers and can provide custom support for any unique applications.

SunChrom supplies a number of HPLC related products targeted at biological and food based applications. Furthermore, SunChrom is specialised on the development and optimisation of front-end applications and sample preparation sytems for MALDI and MALDI-MSI. Separation Associates is the exclusive representative in North America and provides all service and support.

Cadence Fluidics LLC manufactures fluidic components including high and low pressure valves and pumps designed particularly for analytical instrumentation. Cadence designs custom fluidics for both OEM and end user applications. Separation Association represents Cadence and can facilitate custom design and manufacturing.

ASI is a manufacturer of high performance pumps, splitters and other fluidics components including the unique QuickSlpit AS650, a precise automated flow splitter for low micro and nano flowrates using traditional HPLC pumps.

Antec manufactures electro-chemical detectors and complete HPLC systems for ECD, including the Roxy, which is capable of oxidation and reduction of compounds for direct anaylis into any mass spectrometer.